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Supreme Court rejects appeal against Lula and makes him eligible in 2022

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By João Marcelo SAO PAULO – The Supreme Federal Court (STF) decided on Thursday, the 15th, to reject the appeal by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) seeking to reverse the annulment of the ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s convictions imposed by the Federal Justice of Paraná , in Operation Lava Jato. Eight ministers, Fachin, Alexandre de Moraes, Rosa Weber, Dias Toffoli, Gilmar Mendes, Ricardo Lewandowski, Cármen Lúcia and Luís Roberto Barroso, voted for the rejection of the appeal and three ministers voted for acceptance, namely Nunes Marques, Marco Aurélio Mello and Luiz Fux. With this decision, Lula remains eligible for the 2022 elections and the ex-president has already declared that if “necessary” he will be a candidate next year. “If necessary I will be a candidate, to win the elections of a fascist, who is Bolsonaro, a genocide, for being the main responsible for the chaos in the pandemic”, he said in an interview with the Argentine TV channel C5N after the decision of the STF. He stressed, however, that he will not necessarily be the candidate of the Workers Party (PT) “I am in good health, but it does not have to be me. We can choose someone who can represent the progressive sectors of Brazil” concluded Lula. Shortly after ...