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João Roberto Benites: “Brazil will be the world’s largest food producer”

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By Bianca Oliveira SAU PAULO – “We feed a huge amount of people around the world and we will certainly reach the leading role as the world’s largest food producer. All the infrastructure is being prepared and will facilitate this”, says the chairman of the Brazilian Agribusiness Forum, João Roberto Benites, in an interview with Dire. The event took place last Monday (19) in virtual format and had 5 pronouncements of Brazilian authorities, including the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras. More than 40 experts were divided into 20 panels, which dealt with issues related to the environment, technology, innovation and investment opportunities in the sector. In his analysis of the main highlights of the Forum, Benites reinforces the knowledge concentrated in the country about agribusiness. “It is very important that the actors are increasingly connected, because in isolation they have a wonderful knowledge, but as we seek synergy, the potential is much greater.” Innovation was another central theme during the more than 10 hours of presentations. According to the chairman, “it is necessary to improve the issue of innovation and technology, because this will make the productivity of Brazilian ruralists and ranchers grow even more“. The Environment was a subject that permeated practically all presentations. The subject is of great ...