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Ford do Brasil plans to finalize negotiations with union and government

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SAO PAULO – Ford do Brasil informed by note that by February 18 it intends to have concluded all negotiations with the Union of Metallurgists of Taubaté, with the city hall and the state government, for the closing of the plant in the interior city of São Paulo. In a note released to the press, the automaker states that at the meeting on January 18, he addressed, among others, four main points, such as psychological support for employees, the elaboration of an incentive dismissal plan, the continuation of essential activities at the factory and the need for production parts during the activities. On the same day, a workers’ assembly was held. At the time, union leaders committed to fight for the maintenance of jobs, as union leader Sinvaldo dos Santos Cruz tells to Dire news agency. “The news [for the closure of Ford’s activities], for society, must have generated a shock. But for us here at Ford and for our companions in Camaçari and Horizonte, it was indignant, because the workers have made a lot of efforts over the last ten years to make Ford’s operations feasible here in Brazil […] and that is why we are establishing this struggle movement, because we have the hope, especially if we have the involvement of government agencies, we may be reversing this situation and preserving the jobs of thousands ...