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John Deere's "Run Smarter" Virtual Training Event Produced by Spiro™ Wins Multiple ANA Global Ace Awards

(Adnkronos) - LAS VEGAS, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- John Deere's "Run Smarter" training event wins the prestigious ANA Global Ace Gold Award for Events: Proprietary, Virtual, Face-to-Face (Internal), and the Silver Award for their event's "How Life Leaps Forward" long-form video. John Deere, ranked as the third most loved brand in America according to the 2023 Axios Harris Poll 100 Reputation Rankings, and their experiential partner, Spiro, the global experience agency for the NEW NOW™, were given five months to transform the annual in-person dealer training event into a fully digital experience that's content lived up to the high expectations set by previous in-person events.
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