• GIOVEDÌ 2 LUGLIO 2020 - S. Ottone vescovo

Elisabetta Canalis in piazza per George Floyd

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Anche la showgirl Elisabetta Canalis è scesa in piazza a Los Angeles per manifestare contro la morte dell’afroamericano George Floyd L’eco delle proteste che stanno infiammando l’America all’indomani della morte di George Floyd arriva in Italia anche grazie a un video e degli scatti  pubblicati sul proprio profilo Instagram da Elisabetta Canalis. View this post on Instagram Today I went to a protest,on Sunset blvd. What I saw was beautiful images of peace and engagement. I didn’t see anyone ruining property or businesses. My hope is that this will be the message delivered. Let’s make today history and let’s keep distance from those who want to loot. These are opportunists that only want an excuse to commit criminal acts and destroy our community. Police were nice and everyone was communicating with them in a friendly way. The Police were there for protecting our neighborhoods and small businesses not to harm people. God bless ...